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Le Piment de la Vie After Shave Tonic


Easily 5/5!! I can't tell you how happy I am to see these new alcohol based aftershaves... They really are amazing! Everything I look for in a AS is clearly met. The scents are great and they last pretty long too (for example, yesterday I used the LPV AS at 12 pm and when I got off work at 8pm I stopped at the store and the cashier said "You smell good"... She said "It kinda smells like cinnamon" That's the goodness of LPV). Anyway, aside from scent, these AS's have such a wonderful face feel! Yes, the nice menthol blast (just the perfect amount) helps with this, but I want to clarify that it's not just menthol cooling away any sting you may have... Literally, all day my face felt soft, as these AS's have great ingredients that are beneficial to the skin.

Some may not prefer the small bottles, but I actually do because I personally have so many AS's that I rotate so it takes me forever to finish a bottle... So these smaller bottles are great for that, not to mention at $12 you can buy more variety. Hopefully Chris continues to release more scents! I bought LPV and LTV... But I would immediately buy Spanish Holiday, QCV, Waterlyptus, etc. if available. I imagine these AS's require a lot of work on Chris' end... I know I am grateful to have them now available... And I encourage you guys to give them a try... You won't be disappointed!!
Date Added: 08/25/2016 by Justin Bailey
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